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Turn Outsourcing From a Maze to Mission Accomplished.

Making Outsourcing Easy. GTA helps venture-backed companies safely source and scale engineering teams located next door to off-shore.

  • Scale your Team in Weeks not Months
  • Match for Culture
  • Find the Best Domain and Technical Expertise
  • Avoid Delays Due to Mis-matches

Augmenting Engineering Teams Shouldn't Be a Gamble

“Scaling an engineering team can feel like a maze. One misstep – a cultural mismatch, a skills gap – and suddenly you're lost: delays, overspends, and a disjointed team."

Sean Languedoc, Founder & CEO, Global Talent Accelerator 


It’s Time to Rethink How You Outsource


Is your outsourcing strategy at risk of costing you wasted time, money, and deliverable delays? We challenge the notion that outsourcing is just about cost savings. It’s about value, alignment, and strategy.

Fast, Data-Driven, Matching Platform


We quickly filter from 87,000 outsource agencies to match you with engineering teams based on your precise requirements. With GTA, you’re not just outsourcing; you're strategically extending your team.

  • Rapid: Scale your team in 3 weeks, not 6 months. We accelerate your growth without the wait.
  • Reliable: A staggering 98% success rate. Say goodbye to the industry-standard 59% failure rate.
  • Relentless: Our vetting is rigorous and ongoing, focused on individual resumes, not just brand reputation. We never settle, so you get the best, always.

Experience the GTA Advantage

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Join the Ranks of Teams That Deliver

Trusted by Founders, CEO’s and Engineering leaders in Finance, Healthcare, Technology, and more. They partnered with GTA to challenge the maze of outsourcing and experienced the 98% success rate.